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Car Seat Storage Trays

Car Seat Storage Trays

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The amazing car seat pocket fits in between your seat and center console.

It is there to catch all falling items and create additional storage for better organization. The universal design fits in most vehicles and black color easily blends in for a clean look.

The storage pocket slips between auto seat & console stop losing keys,coins,credit cards and more between the seats in your car.Catcher

Installs without using adhesives. Perfect for storing phone, sunglasses and more.

Easy to clean.. Simply rinse to clean.


  • Catches items before they drop between seats
  • Stop the items drop under the seat
  • Creates extra storage within easy reach
  • Helps prevents dangerous distractions
  • Keeps hard to reach areas clean
  • Installs in seconds – just slide into position
  • One size fits all – flexible sleeve adjusts to fit
  • Stays in place when seats are moved back or forward
  • Virtually invisible to match any interior color
  • Wash with soap and water
  • It can also be used as a means to store a wide variety of items such as maps, sunglasses, pens and more


One Set of 2 storage pockets seat pockets, one for each seat in your vehicle. (Total 2 Sleeves )

Material Type: Plastics
Color: black
Size: 35 x 6.5 x 15cm

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