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Anti-Noise Sleeping Headband

Anti-Noise Sleeping Headband

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Sleeping is one of the most important activity for everyone. Doctors recommend us to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night for you to work best on the next day. While there are plenty of people that gets to fall asleep on the go without any issues, there are some that is sensitive to slightest change of environment & they will be awake the whole night. The Anti-Noise Sleeping Earphones Headband is designed purposely just for people that is suffering from insomnia or any sleep disorder. Since you are reading this, you are most probably having this problem or wants to help someone that is having such issue.


Our product includes a pair of earphones for you to put on together with the headband as you prepare for your snoozing session. Having music being played while you sleep in complete darkness will be a great assistance to help you in reduing any possible noise pollution that may be annoying around you. With your sight and hearing in complete peace with your mind, researchers states that there will be a 60% chance of better sleeping experience for everyone.

The earphone jack uses standard 3.55mm slot, so all your mobile device and audio players are absolutely compatible with our product & best part, no batteries required! When not in use, you can wash the headband as the earphone is removable as well. Just pop it back in when it’s clean and you are good to go again! The headband is free size which means it should fit on most individuals and we have 11 different vibrant colors for you to choose from. But why do we really need so much color? Just put it on your head and you will be sleeping soundly in complete darkness anyway.

Line Length: 1.0m

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