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Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Anti-Gravity Phone Case


A Phone Case That Sticks Without Being Sticky
The nano-suction on the Anti-Gravity Case sticks to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets, tile, flat car dashboards and more. It dos not stick to your hands, pockets or collect dust. 

No Hands
The Anti-Gravity Case is perfect for going hands-free while taking selfies, streaming Netflix, Skyping with friends, recording video blogs, live streaming with Periscope, working out at the gym and much more!

Features Of The Case
The Anti-Gravity case has raised edges to help protect your screen, sits nicely with glass screen protectors, has durable and grip-friendly edges for impact protection and the nano-suction material absorbs shock. 

How it works
Imagine millions of tiny suction cups on the back of your case providing grip to most smooth surfaces, making the Anti-Gravity Case perfect for hands-free selfies and more!

IMPORTANT - Make sure you select the correct phone case before purchasing it.

Estimated Delivery Time: 23-47 days.

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